Anxiety Disorders : GAD, Panic Disorder & Social Phobia                                                 

OCD and Related Disorders: Body Dysmorphia, & Hoarding

Depressive Disorders: MDD & Persistent Depressive Disorder 

Bipolar and Related Disorders

Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic & Dependent PD

Eating Disorders

Adjustment Disorders: Divorce, Separation, Medical Issues

Life Transitions  

Relational or Family Problems


Christian or Faith Based Counseling






Offering Compassionate Psychotherapy For

  Individuals, Families, and Couples Dealing With :

​-Oscar Wilde


 ​​"To Love Oneself is the Beginning ​of a Lifelong Romance." 

   Candace Dale Mckenzie

       Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

     CA lmft 83315 / GA LMFT 001408